Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 SSS Invitational Wrap Up

The 2013 SSS Invitational was fun as always but a little different than in years past.   With over 25G's up for grabs the new format was introduced changing the event from a brodown jam format to heats with a scoring system and a panel of judges. This turned up the pressure on the competitors, who now had to not only throw bangers but throw them consistently. 

In SLIDERS the riders had two runs through the park, taking a score from your best hit on each feature. I was in a stacked heat #3, along with Aaron Hadlow, Andre Philipp, Rick Jensen, BCS, Chad Worrall, Davey Blair and Joby Cook. Only three riders would advance through and unfortunately I didn't put down the run I was hoping for and was slightly edged out of the finals by Hadlow (5x World Champ), Chad Worrall (pro cable rider) and BCS (local legend).

Mens SLICKS was another tough heat for me with some really strong riders in heat #3 again...  8 tricks, 4 get scored and only 3 people would be advancing into the finals. With some major tricks going down from everyone it was close but I was super excited to hear I managed to make it through with Aaron Hadlow and Rick Jensen to meet Sam Light, Sam Medysky, Billy Parker, Alex Fox, James Boulding and Ewan Jaspan in the finals!  Pretty stoked with being in the top 9...

Here's a little highlight video from my heats... more video from post SSS will be coming shortly!

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