Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NA BLEND Crew at Nitro City, Panama

Not sure how this slipped my mind because it was one of our biggest projects of the winter!  Back in late January I headed out to Nitro City, Panama to meet up with Eric Rienstra at the new Action Sports Resort on the Punta Chame peninsula in Panama created by the Nitro Circus crew!  If you have ever seen the MTV show or the movie you know Nitro is known for balls out, no rules ridiculousness and the luxury Nitro resort is no different!  You'll see a family enjoying fresh sushi in the restaurant while 5m away a group of friends is getting crazy and beer bonging their night away!  After a few weeks of settling in at the resort the  rest of the crew started trickling in... Colleen Carroll, Claire Lutz and Chris Bobryk were now all on site and with the arrival of our media man Josh Pietras as well it was time to put on our gnar boots on and crank the dial up to ten!

Here's what we got into...


Thanks to Hayes, Walter, Ana and the whole Nitro Crew!  You guys are animals!

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